Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving day!

We took some things over yesterday (and I got started setting up my new kitchen--yay!). [Editor's note (in other words, a note for the other editors out there): The em dash isn't working for some reason, hence the double dash. Don't think less of me.]

Today is the big moving day; the movers should be here in about 10, but I wanted to share a couple quick moving tips from the pros:

  • Don't move in spring in Colorado. And if your moving week happens to be packed with 70-degree days, don't make note of it. If you do, the two days of your move will be 30 degrees and snowing. 
  • The absolute last things you should pack are the first-aid kit and the plunger. Pack them too soon and the gods will take note and punish your hubris.
  • Send the kids to grandma's for as much of the move as possible. Amount of time in our first house before the first sibling-inflicted injury (and subsequent high-decibel timeout: approximately 50 minutes). The kids are now at Grandma's, and I think it's safe to say everyone is happier and safer.

Okay, back to moving. Wish us luck! I'll share some photos soon.


Christina said...

good luck!

jayme said...

good luck, and have fun setting up your new home!

Cindy said...

Good Luck!