Thursday, April 8, 2010

Settled, happy, healthy

But it was a whirlwind getting there . . .

Quick synopsis of the last few weeks:
  • Moved. Holy $%@! we have a lot of stuff. Snow on moving day, but beautiful weather thereafter.
  • Unpacked. Seriously—a lot of stuff. Packed up boxes and boxes of stuff to give away, sold some stuff on craigslist. Got most of the essential rooms unpacked that first week. I spent the first few days just on the kitchen, getting it just how I want it. Some boxes (like those in my office) will likely remain right where they are for the next few years.
  • Cut a hole in the bottom of our wallets and just let the money pour out. New washer and dryer (LG Steam washer/dryer—on scratch & dent clearance—my new true loves). New freakishly large television for Greg (causing a glimmer in his eye I have never seen when he looks at me or his kids; we must not be high enough def). Radon mitigation. Some roof repairs. Comfy new couch from which to watch Greg's new love. More expensive (but necessary) expenditures to come, like fencing, gardening materials, dining room table. The soft costs of moving.
  • Sidamo made a new best friend. Next-door neighbor is a 5-year-old boy (his parents live there too), and they've had impromptu playdates every single day that we've been in the house. Awesome. Immediately validation of our decision to move.
  • Sister and family came to visit. And they could actually stay with us—awesome. Cousin love, cousin fisticuffs; it all makes me wish we lived closer. Or they lived closer, since I don't think we and all our stuff could fit into a Manhattan apartment. Pictures to come.
  • Ski trip with sister and family. Took advantage of one of the last blizzards of the season and went up to the mountains. Everyone but Nora and I skied. I spa-ed for an article I'm writing about the healing power of water therapies (if I ever complain about my job, smack me). 
  • Back home. Got sick. Nora puked about 20 times the evening we got back from the mountains—mostly all over me, but she saved some for her dear Uncle Andrew. The next day (the day I'm home alone with both kids) I came down with a fever of 103 and a throat that felt like it was lined with shards of glass. Never, ever get strep. It's miserable and horrible and will make you want to donate your head and neck to charity.
  • Got antibiotics. Back to work. I'm functional again, back to working on my book project, and starting to feel settled in the house. So excited and ready to be at home.
Whew. I'll get the camera hooked up one of these days, but for now here are a couple photos of the house. The interior shots are from before we moved in. In other words, it now has mismatched furniture and is far messier.

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