Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fly girl (and boys)

There was a bungee jumping area at the base of the ski lifts in Beaver Creek, and the kids loved it. Catherine, our budding gymnast, dazzled us all with her high jumps and graceful flips. She's a natural.

Sidamo, who is usually quite timid about new physical endeavors, surprised us with his enthusiasm and interest. He actually got pretty high up there with no prodding, and thoroughly enjoyed himself. I think it helps him to see his big cousin trying and enjoying these things—and having George to compete with doesn't hurt either.

George was a little shy about the high jumps on this outing, but word is he almost touched the clouds the next day.

Nora was just plain indignant about the height and weight requirements. Sometimes it's no fun being the littlest one, and she's quick to let everyone around her know it. When Mommy and Daddy (and Aunt Meg and Uncle Andrew) all told her she couldn't jump, she appealed directly to the bungee operator—first with her sweet smile and expectant eyes, and then with her fist pounding and screaming. They must take their liability policies pretty seriously, because even after all that the poor girl was denied her jump. Maybe next year.

And maybe next year I'll make good on my threat to try it too. Doesn't it look like fun?

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Cindy said...

Beautiful kids and beautiful new house! Exciting!