Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inch by inch

She's dressed a little too cutely (in her beautiful dress from friend Qiu Qiu—thank you!) for manual labor but is taking it pretty seriously none the less.

Just a note, because it needs to be said: I picked out a hat that coordinated a bit more appropriately, but I have little say in matters of the little girl's fashion these days. 

The gardening progress so far: wood chips—tons and tons of wood chips—have been removed from two plots in the back to expose deliciously worm-filled soil. Soil has been turned (please tell me it's true that worms recover from being chopped in half), plots have been cordoned, and some seeds have been sown.

Sidamo also has been a tremendous help in the garden, especially when it comes to sequestering those worms so I can dig freely. Unfortunately when he and I are working in the garden, the actual work gets in the way of the photo-taking. I can assure you, though, that he's just as adorable as his little sis. Especially when he refers to himself as the Worm Wrangler.