Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Aptly named. Today I made two quiches, two loaves of bread, two homemade pizzas, seven cups of yogurt, and our first batch of tomato sauce from the garden. This after Saturday's great canning-fest, during which my friend and I preserved 41 jars (!!!) of strawberry jam.

I'd say I labored sufficiently.

We also had a lovely bike ride today—our first family ride with Sidamo pulling his own weight. He lost his training wheels a couple of weeks ago, and today was his first street ride. It was wonderful—Nora had the bike trailer to herself, which meant far less pinching, hitting, pulling, screaming, and threats of time-outs. It was so peaceful, in fact, that Nora stretched out and took a nap as the rest of us burned calories.

Sidamo is amazing on his bike. It took no time at all for him to learn how to ride without training wheels, and since then he's been riding every day—with very few falls, and much bravery on the rare occasions he funds himself under his bike instead of on it. We're very proud of him, and one of these days I'll relax enough to stop clutching my chest at every bump in the road and instead take some pictures of our little road warrior.


Bridget said...

Did you ride on a trail or in the street? I simply am SUCH a worrywort, it's not even funny. I asked Luke yesterday if he thought the fountain was a deathtrap. He scoffed. SCOFFED. I'm glad you don't think I'm crazy! Go, Sidamo!! That is awesome! And seriously, woman...stop being so amazing already, will ya?

Heather said...

that sounds like so much fun! maybe next year you could do another kind of labor on Labor day? *cough* i will not shut up. ;)

Christina said...

Hey lady, care to share your tomato sauce recipe? We have struck out over here for the umpteenth time, and are now on the prowl for a hero to rescue us. Help!