Monday, September 27, 2010


Seven years ago today, I made some crazy vows to this guy. Honestly, I don't even remember what they were, but I think there was something about baking him fresh bread weekly and not protesting 50-inch televisions. Boy have those come back to haunt me.

But in return, I've gotten a few perks. A really funny, really hunky husband, for instance. And one who's an incredible dad to our kids.

Evidenced by the fact that I couldn't find a single picture of him without a child attached to him.

There's also been the unwavering support, the love, the adventure, the forgiveness, the good grammar, the clean laundry (yes, ladies, he does laundry), and, of course the 50-inch television.

And I'd say that's worth more than all the fresh loaves of bread in the world.


Mark and Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple!!

Mama Papaya said...

Happy 7th!

Heather said...

and the award for BEST COUPLE (LOOKING AND OTHERWISE) goes to.........Dierdre and Greg!