Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stop what you're doing

And go make this tastissimo chickpea, greens, and tomato dish. Modifications:
  • Didn't de-crust the bread (blasphemy). I used the heel of my favorite new whole-wheat sandwich loaf, and it was yum.
  • Mixed in a good 1/2 tsp. or so of smoked paprika at the end instead of just sprinkling a bit on top. 
  • Added a bit of cinnamon.
  • Used beet greens instead of spinach.
  • Cooked down some fresh garden tomatoes (seeds, skins, and all) and used those in place of jarred tomato sauce. 
  • Served over couscous. 
Have I mentioned that it's crazy tasty? Go ahead. Cook now, thank later.


Christina said...

YES! I was just scratching my head wondering what to do with the leftover chickpeas from the hummus last week. Problem solved. Thanks for the tip!

Lauren said...

This looks awesome! I will definitely try this one.. thanks!