Thursday, June 14, 2007

Birth Certificate

We got Sidamo's birth certificate today, with this super cute new photo of him. Look at those eyes! And the pouty lip. Our agency rep met him this past week in Ethiopia, and she says that, although we have no photographic evidence of it, Sid actually does smile.

The birth certificate lists his name as "Sidamo Gregory," following the Ethiopian tradition of using the father's name as the middle name. Has quite a ring, doesn't it?

Our agency rep also asked if we would be able to travel a week earlier, because they had some extra room in the prior week's travel group. As tempting as it is to get to our little guy even sooner, we just can't make it work logistically. Since we're planning to spend a week in ET before our official date, we would have to leave here a week from this coming Saturday. Besides the fact that getting everything arranged in 9 days would throw me into a full-blown panic attack, Greg and I both have too much work stuff to wrap up before we go. So our original date it is—still very soon!


Vali said...

Adorable! I can't believe you passed up the earlier travel date, but at least it encourages me that the wait to travel must not be as bad as some people say.


Deirdre said...

It was definitely tempting! If it weren't for some major deadlines I have the last week of June and some big projects Greg is trying to wrap up at work, we would have jumped on that plane. The travel wait is definitely not easy, but I still think it's easier than waiting for a referral.