Monday, June 11, 2007

Sid has a cough

We got an update today that Sid developed a cough and wheezing, but he's responding to the medicine they're giving him. Poor little guy. I wish we were there to help him feel better, but I know he's getting very good care.

We also received an updated developmental checklist, which says Sid builds three-block towers (not sure I can even do that), attempts to put on own clothes (Greg's still working on this one),
enjoys picture books, attempts to use a spoon, and has begun toilet training. Oh, and he's sociable.

When the email came, I was thrilled, because the two attached files were called "Sidamo.jpg" and "Sidamo2.jpg." I was sure we were finally getting some updated photos and called Greg so we could open the files together. Big let-down when instead of photos it was a blue paper telling us our baby is sick. But he's on the mend, and we know we'll at least be getting the birth certificate photo soon.


cathy said...

I also thought those jpeg filed meant photos. I was shaking with excitement the first time one came. Much to my dismay, it was a blank page with one word scrawled on it--ringworm. Lovely. Your son is a DOLL!!!! I can't wait for you to travel.

Tarah said...

Don't keep your fingers crossed for the BC photo. We never got it till in country! We had only one pic, no update! :) He will look the same in your eyes no matter how much he changes. I could have picked Tezeta out on my own.

Kellie said...

Hang in there Dierdre! I am so glad you have a date and can start counting down the days.

The BC photo is fun if you get it, but don't be surprised if you still don't recognize him. Our Helen looked so different in real life, I never would have picked her out of a line up.

When we arrived in ET we got a packet of info on our daughter's personality, schedule, etc with lots of extra (and better) pictures. I have heard that some people have started receiving those packets a week or so before travel. I hope you receive yours soon so you can memorize it before you leave :)