Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm catching up on blogs and realizing I might have made a big parenting and patriotic misstep last week. Remember on Tuesday, how that inauguration thing was happening? And everyone was all excited about sharing that moment in history with their kids? Well, I was more excited about actually seeing that moment in history … so I left Sidamo at home with the babysitter, packed Nora up, and went over to a neighbor's house to watch it in relative quiet.

Here's the thing, though: That neighbor had a 3-year-old boy. And another woman who came to watch the inauguration brought her 3-year-old boy. And I left my 3-year-old boy at home to play with Legos on the greatest historical event of his short lifetime.

Mama guilt.

However, we did go to a big inauguration fest at our local old theater. And while we were there, many of the people we saw commented on how brave it was of us to bring our kids (sometimes I think brave is code for inappropriate). Maybe I had the right intentions, just the wrong execution.


Jonathan said...

I watched the event at work (intending at my cube while working, but as streaming wasn't working, around a TV in my boss's office) but my son was at daycare.

He did attend an election night party and got the same response!

sajbat said...

don't have mama guilt. i kept the boy home to watch the event, and he was totally disinterested, preferring to play astronaut the entire time and not even glancing at the television or the tears welling in mama's eyes.