Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow bunnies

Thanks everyone for all the support with Saffron. We're doing OK, just waiting for the pathology results to come back.

As promised, here are the photos from our wonderful ski vacation to Keystone with my sister Meg and her family. We had such a great time. Meg's kids, Catherine (7) and George (3), are delightful, and Sidamo and Nora just adore them. We spent the week skiing (well, I only took one run—I've turned chicken), cooking yummy dinners, playing, drinking good wine … So much fun.

Catherine playing with Sidamo's snapping alligator.

Nora discovers the delights of the exersaucer. Why didn't I think of putting her in one of these before?

Putting on skis for the first time ever. These are plastic practice skis; we didn't expect Sidamo to like skiing—he's a little freaked out by new experiences—so we didn't want to rent skis before giving him a chance to experiment.

He wasn't so sure of it at first.

Norasaur thought big brother on skis was pretty awesome.

The budget ski lift.

Using his poles effectively, just like his mama!

Nora has her first taste of avocado and loves it. Definitely my daughter.

I stripped her down to her diaper beforehand, but I had to change even that after she was done. Full-body avocado mask, for the low price of 77 cents.

Nora hanging out with Uncle Andrew.

After determining that Sidamo was a fan of skiing, we rented skis for him and put him on the official bunny hill. This was his first time on a ski lift, with Uncle Andrew.

Sidamo discovered the magic of the iPhone. He and George shared one of many special moments watching Dora/Diego after a dip in the hot tub. And yes, George is sitting in a Bumbo seat.

Magic carpet ride!


Alicia said...

Well Sidamo on skis is officially the cutest thing ever!! He looks like an old pro!

Liza said...

your kids are so damn cute, it's ridiculous.