Friday, January 2, 2009


The other morning, Greg tried to buy me and Nora a little extra sleep again by putting Sidamo in his bedroom with some books. He stayed there almost until Greg closed the door and left for work, and then was in my bedroom asking me to play. I told him he could go downstairs and play with his trains for a bit—anything for another 5 minutes of sleep. When he came back up, he told me he had had a snack, which in his vocab means trail mix, or, more specifically, the M&Ms from the trail mix, which he calls "colors." I asked, "Did you have any nuts and raisins, or just colors?" He answered, "Just colors." I sniffed his breath and determined that he in fact had only eaten chocolate and nothing else. At 8 in the morning. How's that for involved parenting?

Fast forward to Christmas morning, when Greg is trying to videotape the kids opening presents and finds a full memory card. He scrolls through and finds that Sidamo had documented his entire escapade—playing with trains, then gathering his favorite videos, pulling a chair up to the counter, and diving headfirst into the trail mix—in both pictures and video. Not only did he freely rat himself out, but he provided all the evidence needed to convict and sentence. Gotta love this age.

When you hear him talking, he's saying, "Here comes the polar bear!"


Christina said...

hahahaha. Thank you so much for that. I think Sidamo has a future in documentary film making.

Kristin said...

That is too funny! As a momma of a two year (almost) it's fun to see what's next. I love the polar bear comment, so cute.