Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Art penpals

Thanks, Jayme, for telling us about The Artful Parent's new art penpal project. I signed Sidamo and Nora up, and we're sending off our first masterpieces today. With each, we're sending a letter. Sidamo dictated his, and it reads:

Dear Ava,

I'm Sidamo, your penpal. Hi. Hello. Howee. I like to watch football [ed's note: he hates football]. I like to play banjo and guitar [ed's note: he has never played either]. Also play Jenga. 

My family is Mommy and Daddy and Nora. They give me hugs and kisses.

I'm 3. I'll be 4 on December 10. I'm happy to be a penpal.

I made you a painting using red and also green and yellow and blue. 


For Nora's letter I had to use my imagination, since if left to her it would just be a long string of woofs and owies. Here's what she sent:

Dear Ishaan,

I'm Nora, your new art penpal. I'm 17 months old, and I have a big brother named Sidamo and a dog named Saffron. I like apples, cheese, beets, baby dolls, and football.

Here's a fingerpainting I made for you!


[ed's note: Looking back, I realize that signing off with "Best" is a dead giveaway that this was written by someone a little less carefree than a 17-month-old.]

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jayme said...

I'm so so so excited about this art penpal thing. I also really love Sidamo's letter.