Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Damo!

Sidamo turned 4 on Thursday. How on earth did that happen? When we met him 2.5 years ago, he was about the same age Nora is now, and now he's an enormous grown-up kid who talks (back) all the time, jokes incessantly, is starting to read and write, and has strong opinions about just about everything.

We went up to Aspen to celebrate, and I'm a little spent after being hit with some sort of a stomach bug, which seems to be our Aspen tradition. (The good news is that this time I'm absolutely positive it's not the kind of bug that take's 9 months to clear up.)

Photos to come when I have the energy to plug in a USB cable, but in the meantime, Happy Birthday, my crazy little man! (And also, please slow down. I'm not ready to be the mother of a high-schooler.)

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