Friday, December 18, 2009

Just in time for his 4th birthday

I finished Sidamo's baby blanket. While it's not exactly on time, it is pretty neat to look at the first rows and remember knitting them while waiting for Sidamo, imagining bundling up the tiny little guy I knew only from that single picture. I added a few extra rows toward the end to account for the fact that he's not so tiny anymore.

Still, he loves the blanket, thanks me for it nightly, and doesn't seem to mind that I missed my deadline by, oh, two-and-a-half years.


Anonymous said...

That's beautiful! I'm so happy he loves it and that you finished it. You're not alone--I STILL have a crochet blanket that I'm not done putting together, started for Atticus before he was born (in girl colors since I was sure that's what he was) and probably will be done for my grandkids.

jayme said...

Congratulations on finally finishing it! It's beautiful. I'm inspired to get back to work on the twins 100 good wishes quilts, which I've had the fabric for since before they were born... ugh!

Liza said...

It is gorgeous. And makes me feel better. Before Molly came, I started a cross-stitch birth sampler for her that, well, I've vowed to GET BACK to now that it's break. I'm hoping she's as forgiving as Sidamo.