Monday, June 16, 2008

Greggiful weekend

We had a lovely weekend (no, it did not produce a baby). Since Greg's birthday coincided with Father's Day, we celebrated his birthday on Saturday and Father's Day on Sunday. Sidamo couldn't have been happier, since it resulted in two cupcake days for him.

Saturday we went to our neighborhood's annual street fair, which was lots of fun. In the evening we grilled out and had birthday cupcakes (thanks, Maia!). Sunday we had a yummy breakfast at a local diner and then went to Dianne's house to celebrate the two occasions with Grandpa, Great Grandma, Aunt Lisa and Scarlett. Fun times, and lots of sugar.

Family self-portrait at the street fair

Sidamo's first snowcone

How many candles can fit on a cupcake? The whole box, according to Sidamo.

After the candles came off Greg's cupcake, Sidamo transferred them to his own so he could take them out and lick them again.

Obviously there's still no baby news, but we're hoping it will be soon. Maybe I'll go scrub the floors on hands and knees while eating fresh pineapple and spicy food. That should do it, no?


Qiuqiu's parents said...

Glad the cupcake kits proved useful!

That snowcone is killing me just looking at's definitely snow-cone weather!

I contemplated hitting the street fair...walked within three blocks of it that day...but it looked too hot and crowded for me. As my husband points out, I am just not a social animal.

Here's to a different sort of "delivery" message very soon!

Mark and Sarah said...

I'm also totally jealous of Sidamo's snowcone...yummy!

Can't wait to hear of the newest family member. Checking your blog daily (actually it's on my feed!).

I hope you have the birth you hope for. Can't wait to hear about it (if you care to share!).