Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Sorry folks, still no baby. I feel like I need to update daily so you don't assume my silence equals birth.

Today wasn't the greatest. Sidamo woke up before 5 and was up for the day. Oh my. Of course that meant he was in a terrible, putrid, no-good mood all day. Luckily I was able to pawn him off on Guadalupe, the woman who has been coming over to watch him and Max two mornings a week, while I went upstairs and napped and practiced my Hypnobabies (hypnosis for childbirth). Poor Guadalupe. It does feel a little indulgent to have childcare help when I haven't had the baby yet and I have basically no work to do, but man does it feel good to get a few free mornings in before my world turns upside-down. After nap-time Sidamo was in a much better mood, and so was I.

I have an OB appointment tomorrow to do a fetal stress test and make sure everything is OK with the baby since as of then I'll be a week past my due date. Fingers crossed for good outcomes and no discussion of induction.


rebekah said...

Good luck tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how the hypnosis goes for you - I worked so hard at it and was so excited then at my week late appointment it turned out the kid was frank breech. Couldn't turn him, bugger had engaged already, yadda yadda, you know how they talk you into stuff and ended up agreeing to a c section. Didn't get to use my hypno training much at all! Plus I was full of drugs and needles, avoidance of which was the whole point of the hypnosis training!! (all turned out beautifully in the end)

Hang in there!!

Heather & Adam said...

I hope tomorrow goes well! Tell them to give her more time! I want to nap so badly, but it makes me stay up all night. So I am just playing zombie mommy some days.
I am so anxious and exited for you! (And glad you are going first, teehee.) Blog for us tomorrow!

Alicia said...

I hope all went well at the dr's today!!

Mama Papaya said...

So have you considered the name Mandara? I think it means slow and stubborn.

Hang in there! Please note baby girl that that comment is not directed at you. You go on and let go already.

Heather & Adam said...

I hope it went well today! Thinking about you and babes!